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Daily Press Release by Marwah Studios (21-27th Oct 2011)

The International Sufi Festival 2011 was inaugurated  by our Honourable Tourism Minister, Government of India, Mr Subodh Kant Sahai with the presence of the people of all faiths and religions at Rajhans Vatika, Ajmer.  This festival is being organised to raise awareness that each religion teaches the same , that is love compassion and humility.

Mr Subodh Kant Sahai addressed the august audience with great enthusiasm and optimism towards life. He mentioned that the base of each religion is love and humility which is the centre of Sufism as well. He congratulated Ms Gulshaa Begum on arranging this festival.  Talking to the press he stated that Sufism is all about believing and respecting of all religions.

Mr. Sandeep Marwah was also bestowed respect on the dias as Guest of Honour. He mentioned that it is important to become a good human being. He also told the esteem audience to take a pledge to become better citizens and humans to make this a heaven on earth.

Artists from various parts of India and the world performed in front of the enthusiastic audience. Chishtya Sufi Qawwalli was performed by Aslam Hussian, Ajmer Sharif Dargah and from the Kashmir Society a 13th Century Sufi Sama and Dance was performed. The day ended with a vigorous and heartening presentation of Meditative Whirling by Amer Ei Touny and Group from Egypt. The audience was mesmerised by the songs, and language was no longer a barrier as all started to participate and immerse in the vibrations of the music.

Early  in the day, the beginning of the festival was done on an auspicious note by visiting the Dargah by all media team and guests for the event.  Later the Spirtual Art and Photography Exhibition was inaugurated by SP Ajmer, Mr. Rajesh Meena. “This is a platform to promote local artists and photographers”, said Gulshaa Begum, who is organising this festival.

Students of Asian School of Media Studies, Marwah Studios are participating as media partner in the International Sufi Festival India 2011 being held at Ajmer.

Ajmer , October 22, 2011

The International Sufi Festival 2011, being held at Ajmer went ti its second day with Mr. Mahinder Singh Ralawta, Congress President, Ajmer gracing the event as Chief Guest by his presence. Commenting on the idea of Sufism, he mentioned that Sufism is not constricted to specified rules, it is all about bringing everyone together on one platform.

The other dignitaries who graced the occasion  were Dr. Lalit Kumar, Secretary National Foundation Communal Harmony, New Delhi, Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, Chief Priest Judah Hyam Synagogue, Justice A.S Quresshi and Syed Sarwar Chishty, Gaddi Nasheen Khadim of the holy shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty, Ajmer.
The entertaining performances began with enthralling  group presentation by Ability Unilimited, New Delhi. This was followed by captivating verses of Kabir by Anupama, a playback singer including a lecturer at Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University. Anupama has a new found love in music. The Kashmiri Folk Music, Kashmir Sufism Society, Srinagar also gave a wonderful performance. Deepika T a software engineer from Bangalore but also a professional carnatic singer enthralled the audience with her sweet voice. The listeners were spellbound by her choice of songs.

A great display from Ability Unlimited, New Delhi was the closing act and was appreciated by one and all. The efforts of the performers on wheel chairs literally took the audience by surprise and on their feet.
Team of Marwah Studios is covering the whole event as media partners of the event.

Ajmer, October 23, 2011
It was an inspirational day to the third day of the International Sufi Festival 2011 where Asian School of Media Studies, Marwah Studios is the media partner.

The event was graced by SP Ajmer, Mr. Rajesh Meena, who mentioned that Sufism is a way of thinking and this platform brings the understanding much better. The other speakers on the dias Mrs Simmi Kher,  Country Coordinator India, Tony Blair Foundation, New Delhi and Prof. Madhu Khanna from Jamia Millia Islamia reiterated the similarities of Sufism and Hinduism.

Prof. Hanif Mohammad Shastri, Phd (Comparative Religion) from Jamia too spoke about the ideology of Islam and Sufism.

Later in the evening performances by the students of Rai Foundation lifted the spirits of the audiences, this included a fashion show – Sufi robes, a rajasthani group dance and a solo performance. The Kashmir Sufism Society also gave an enthralling performance.

Press Release 
Ajmer, October 24, 2011

                             With same devotion and joy International Sufi festival 2011 took off its fourth day with Raj Jhangir an actor (Kesaria balam, The Gentleman),filmmaker inspired from rajasthani culture gave his presence. In addition having respected speakers like Syed ajmal nizami (dargah sufi  hazrat  nizamuddin aulia) who said " Sufism  is a way of loving god" added to the explanation of the concept of Sufism. .He focused  light on the categories of sufism and its spirituality. "Humanity is above all the religions.There  are no boundaries for loving divine god" stated Chief priest Rabbi EZEKIEL ISSAC MALEKAR  of Judah hyam synagogue again on the fourth evening of the festival. Both the speakers made the audience  learn the high thoughts and also clarified the actual meaning of Sufism. 
                                                                                      Afterwards a sufi musical  play "Mystical journey" from mudra theatre choreographed by Mr. rajendar singh  sparkled the festival  having young ones perform on Sufi music.Intended to bring out deeper meaning of life and the concept behind the play was that children's do also have some connections with god, if somebody wants to understand god then they have to start from these young ones.On the other hand, ghazals by Deepika from Bangalore, were loved and appreciated by masses and the Qawalli by Warsi brothers (Amjad warsi and Asad warsi) from Hyderabad, national award winners by P.V Narsimha Rao uplifted the human spirit with noble and ethical sound themes. 

Press Release 
Ajmer, October 25, 2011

The ongoing International Sufi Festival 2011 completed its fifth evening with a jar full of delight and happiness. Chief guest of the day, Mr. Rasa Singh Rawat ( Former MP / President Bhartiya Janta Party,Ajmer) who is actively involved in politics and social welfare services on the occasion stated, "if you know something, you know nothing and if you know, you know something".  Expressing his emotions about Sufism he said that it is the collaboration of every religion. Adding to this the Guest of honour,  Moh. Hannif ( Additional Collector, Ajmer) quoted words from Vedas and quran.
                                        Not only the words  but meaning behind both speakers Prof. Badri PrasadPancholi (Ajmer) and Dr. Mumtaz Khan ( Jamia milia islamia, Delhi) were very heart felt. They discussed about the history of Sufism, words on the power of spiritualism and symbolism."Though our feelings come and go,god’s love for us does not" said by Dr. Mumtaz Khan. Afterwards a band performance on sufi fusion music by Rishi Inc.,New Delhi was tremendous,enthusiastic and unique in itself including remarkable recitals and ensembles of kathak dance. "The sufi way"  by Smitha Bharga and the young children won the praises of all.

Press Release
Ajmer, October 26, 2011 

Another spectacular day of the International Sufi festival 2011 took off at Ajmer with the same warm feeling and the presence of appreciable guest of honours as their own team members Atul Agarwal, Deepak Sharma and Manoj Mathur. "You are not only a valued member of this festival you're a dear friend. I can't imagine working without you. You're the heart and soul of this festival" said Ms. Gulsha Begum who is the organizer of the festival mentioning the work done by the whole team of the festival.

 Subsequently the speaker of the day, Mr. Gouri Shankar (Chairman, Share a service e-NGO, Hyderabad) said that religion and spiritual customs changed through the centuries and they will keep on changing. He quoted examples to describe human nature, emphasized on charity for humanity and thanked Gulsha Begum for organizing the festival  which is like  an enlightenment for humanity.  Dr. Kamal Razi, Associate Prof. (Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi) shared  lines from the holy Quran and said, "Sufism can’t be defined in words, it is an experience, way of living and preaching love.  
Especially requests of Ghazals  and songs by Deepika.T from Banglore got  praises from everyone and not to forget Mehboob Hussain  from Noida, with whose "Poetry and Music" heartening and admirable performance everybody’s soul was touched.

Press Release 
Ajmer, October 27, 2011

The  International Sufi festival, INDIA 2011 being held at Rajhans Vatika, Ajmer was concluded with great enthusisam and hope. Thanking the god for the conduction of the festival prayers of six different religions (ISLAM,HINDU,JAINISM,BUDDHISM, CHRISTIANITY,SIKHISM) were performed. During the closing ceremony Chief GuestHon. Mrs Naseem Akhtar, MLA ( Ajmer) addressed the audience and said, " India is the only country where all the religions  are tied together. Sufism teaches ushumanity, integrity and brotherhood ". Moreover she felt good  to be a part of the festival. Adding to the festivities a book on "Baba Farid", based on the life of great  Sufi  Mystic Hazart Baba Fariduddin Ganjshankar written by Shri Bakshish Singh was also released. The book translated in hindi from the lines and quotes of Baba Farid. Some lines from the book mentioned
Separated from God, my body burns like an oven,
To meet the Beloved I would walk until my feet were tired,My bones burn like firewood.I would walk on my head. "
Later in the evening the verses of Baba Farid and shabads by Bhai Kultar  Singh and  Hazuri Ragi spell bound the  audience and the whole atmosphere became spiritual. Mehbob Hussain and Trautam Pal, Ajmer also mesmerized the audience with their sufi singing. Once again the traditional Chishty Qawalli by Asrar Hussain  and Amjad Hussain  brought the audience to their  feet with their performance. Kathak dance by Smitha Bhargav and group, Ajmer  was enjoyed to the full extent with their remarkable recitals. The ensembles of kathak won praises of all over. Above all Manisha Gulyanis mind blowing Kathak on Great Sufi Poets.
The festival was concluded with the vote of thanks by Mrs Gulsha Begum, chief organizer of the festival to  " THE SARV DHARAM METRI of the various faiths  for their prayers, Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Sabh Ganj, Ajmer, Gurudwara Sabh, Jaipur Rajasthan for the appreciation letter for the festival, Chief Guest of the day Mrs. Naseem Akhtar MLA (Pushkar),  and special thanks to the media Partners : MARWAH STUDIOS (MR. SANDEEP  MARWAH) , ETV URDU, NAI DUNIYA , URDU WEEKLY, collaborators, the co-sponsors-  Sandeep  Sheety, RIDWI INK MAKERS, the venue partners Aradhana Tents  and decorators (MR.  Rajesh Bhargav), to theASMS (Asian School of Media Studies) team , RAI FOUNDATION and students. Above all  the divine and the khawaja shaab for blessings.She also thanked everybody for fulfilling the mission of god entrusted to her.

Press Notes by 
Mrs Nimrata bagga and ASMS TEAM

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Divine Abode further collaborates with Kashmir Society, International center for Kashmir Sufism

Divine Abode is pleased to announce its further collaboration with Kashmir Society, International center for Kashmir Sufism along with the existing Interfaith Foundation, India .Dr. Farook Renzu Shah the chairman of Kashmir Society says" Its a honour to be a part of this great progress. we are indeed very happy to collaborate with Divine Abode. The festival will be a grand platform for bringing together all the community around the globe conveying the message of the true sufi spirit of peace, harmony and oneness.
The first edition of the  International Sufi Festival India 2011, will be held in Ajmer on the 21-27th Oct with the mission and aim of spreading the message of " Love All, Malice None.
The chairperson of Divine Abode Ms. Gulshaa begum says" The festival is free for all. This festival does not belong to any organisation or any individual, the festival belongs to all the people who are a part of this grand mission. You can avail the passes by sending us a email at We would request each one interested to attend the festival to kindly make a effort to be a part of the festival and support us in making the event a great success.